There comes a time in most peoples lives, when they stop and reflect over how they have been living and consider what they would like to change, here sprouts new resolutions.

Research was done to asses new years resolutions and how long they are carried out for, as stated in ‘The Guardian’ across all polls, improving health is the most common resolution that people make, however 66% of these people give up their resolutions in one month or less. 

5 ways to make sure you uphold your new resolutions this year.


1) Really know your WHY

Once you understand the importance of what your doing your resolutions will become a priority. Understand why your doing it, let your reasons be your motivation and you will eventually uphold your resolutions because you really want to.

2) Pebbles make mountains

Do one thing at a time, give yourself a challenge for each week, once you have successfully kept up the first challenge, add a new one into your new regime. For example drinking 2 litres of water everyday, once you manage to do that everyday for a week, incorporate your new goal into the mix.

3) No time limit

Give yourself time and don’t put any limitations in place, I need to do X,Y & Z by February, even if you have an occasion try and keep up the good habits forever. Make this new habit a positive way of living in general.

4) Reward

Do something nice for yourself when you reach your goals/milestones. If its weight loss and you lose what you wanted, then treat yourself to a spa day or an experience that you will really enjoy.

5) Be flexible:

Try not to be too hard on yourself, life happens and plans change. If you fall out of your routine, be okay with it and simply pick back up where you left off.


Whatever your new resolutions are you can do it, you are strong and have more willpower than you think.