Toxic waste can come in human form and it’s important to remove it and quick!


Why is it important to value your personal space?

 Valuing your personal space. The moment you allow anyone and everyone to be a part of your space, you’ve dropped your boundaries and allowed all types of people to have access to you. Good and Toxic.

If you fail to protect your personal space and energy, people will start treating you in ways you don't really approve of and you will become frustrated when they do. To really know and understand who you wish to be around, you need to know yourself and your core values. For example, if you know someone is often caught lying and causing mischief, refuse to be around them. An important thing to understand is that the people we spend most our time with are those who influence us the most. Studies show that the 5 people you speak to and spend the most time with will project their habits onto you and in turn you will begin to imitate their habits and behaviours.

Reflect…who are the 5 people that you spend most of your time talking too?

For some of you this will be a wakeup call and upon reflection you will realise who you need to distance yourself from.

In life, you will meet all sorts of people and often you feel it's necessary to give the most needy of them your time, even if they have bad characteristics you have high hopes for them changing, sometimes even trying to help them change, we soon realise the hard way, that you can't be there for everyone and you can't help the people that don't want to change.


These situations can teach us to focus our efforts on those people who help us to feel positive and happy. Also, before we invest our time and effort into others, it is crucial that we invest in ourselves first! Invest in seeking knowledge, in your mindset, mental health and in your physical health and well-being too. It is so important to protect your private space so you’re not forever healing from other people's actions. Having emotional intelligence allows you to put yourself and your feelings first and everyone else after. 

Distance yourself from:

💫 The Constant Gossiper - some people spend their entire lives! talking about other people’s lives ..which helps no one.
💫 The Energy Leech-ALWAYS wants your help and advice but never puts this into action nor are they willing to do anything for themselves.
💫 The Negative Nancy - these people have a problem for every solution and like to project their negativity onto those around them. 

When people are inconsiderate about your feelings yet want to be a part of your personal space, send them love and wish them well but don’t make them a priority or allow them to affect the way you feel. 

A massive part of self-development is removing toxic people from your life or at least creating distance between you and them!

Now think, how can you gradually remove toxic people from your life?

Evaluate the people you spend most your time with and speak too regularly. If their behaviours and words are not positive, then they gotta go.

Nosheila Noor, Mindset Mentor